Birthday Party


CNY Karate and Kobudo School is the  perfect place to have a Party!

Ms. King's Birthday

Your party will be filled with safe, fun, meaningful activities – the children will be taught an age-  appropriate karate lesson emphasizing self-control, honesty and respect, and will learn that karate is not about fighting. It will be organized with energetic fun – you won’t see kids being bored or. running around out of control.

We have a party that’s sure to fit your needs – you can do a little or you can do a lot!

Little Samurai Party (ages 4 to 6)

You can choose for your child and guest a fun obstacle course and/or tournament for power, speed and balance.

Young Champions Party (ages 7 and up)

Enjoy Nerf war fun with bunkers, barricades,  and obstacles.  Our games include Nerf battles and/or Nerf target competition.  We provide the Nerf guns, Nerf darts, and safety goggles for your guests to use.



Do I need to stay at the party?

The party host is  required to stay. Parents of guests are always welcome  to stay and enjoy the fun and are encouraged to stay if  their child is under 7 years old.

Is each guest required to have a completed/signed  wavier in order to participate?

Yes, for insurance  purposes, all guests must have a waiver completed and  signed by their parent/guardian.

Do siblings count as guests?

Yes, if they are old  enough to participate in any of the party activities.

Are gratuities (tips) appropriate?

Gratuities for our hardworking staff are always welcome.

Is a deposit required?

Yes, the appropriate non-  refundable deposit is required to reserve your date  and time. The balance is due and payable on the day  of your party.

What if I need to reschedule my party?

Please give us a call, at least 24 hours in advance, for staffing purposes.

All parties are led by a trained black belt instructor  and staff.

Parties are scheduled on Saturday afternoons.

Children must be at least 4 years old to participate.

If you have questions regarding our parties or any other events held at CNY Karate and Kobudo Schools, please give us a call (315-437-9417) or email us at


Thank you for making Kayleigh’s day so special.  We had a wonderful time and are very blessed to have so many wonderful friends.  We hope you each had a fun time!  Thank you for a wonderful party!

Sincerest Thanks Amy, Jon and Kayleigh.

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