Focus and Fun

Small boy solo in white karate uniform throwing punch

Karate is a wonderful activity for children. It builds physical power and stamina, as well as mental acuity and focus. Children don’t just need structure, they crave it. But it shouldn’t be rigid and demanding! To learn anything well, a child should be having fun.

CNY Okinawan Karate has classes created by educators and psychologists; classes that keep children engaged and learning. Our traditional Okinawan structure helps them develop focus, which is important throughout their lives, and prepares them for their future.

Self-discipline and Self-reliance

Young African American girl in focus, standing in front of class, ready for action

School – and later, work – requires concentration and what we might call “stick-to-it-iveness.” External discipline in the form of constant supervision and rule enforcement is unrealistic, and doesn’t really work. CNY Okinawan Karate helps each student build a personal well of self-discipline. Students learn to rely on themselves to get through tough physical and mental exercises, preparing them to not just survive our ever-changing world, but thrive in it.

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Goals and Planning

Two young boys cheering. Picture has text talking about goal setting.

We each define success in our own way. However, success is only achieved through setting goals, both short-term and long-term. Right from their first week at CNY Okinawan Karate, students start learning about goals: what they are, why they’re important, and how to work toward accomplishing them. We teach them about SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

Maybe it’s earning their own money to buy a toy or video game, helping folks in need, or becoming a blackbelt. Success is the accomplishment of that goal!

Friends Become Family

multiracial group of girls and boys in white karate uniform or gi, several color belts, being friends

We like to say, “Nobody rides the bench at CNY Okinawan Karate!” While karate is an individual accomplishment, it is practiced in a community of other students. Part of what we teach at CNY Okinawan Karate is how to make friends, and to work well with others.

While training, these friends can become more like family. Sweat and laughter, hard work and shared experiences build strong bonds. At our blackbelt ceremony, you will hear established students welcome their new “cousins” into the karate family!

Stopping Bullies

small boy in a tee shirt throwing a punch, while small asian girl in karate uniform performs a middle block

Karate is the art of unarmed self-defense. Yes, we teach our students techniques to physically protect themselves from dangerous people and situations.

More importantly, we teach them to avoid bad situations, and techniques for de-escalating situations they can’t avoid. CNY Okinawan Karate teaches them how to deal with bullies in person and online, and to keep from becoming a bully themselves.

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